Cooking like the French…My Favorite Cookbook

Last summer I read two books about Americans living in France and their adjustment to the culture. I found them fascinating…from how French women maintained their figures to how they raised their children. After reading about the ways of the the French, one of my goals I had set for family was that we all eat together by the end of the year. Normally I would make dinner for my two children ages 3 and 1 1/2 and then begin the nighttime rituals. Once they were in bed…anytime between 7:00 and 7:30, my husband and I would then START our dinner preperations. Which of course meant we ate late and had no time to do much else at night.
A few months ago my sister in law gave me a book that she no longer wanted- Bonne Femme Cook Book by Wini Maranville. I started trying the recipes…WOW! My husband gave me a standing ovation! I started to have the whole family dine together and the children enjoyed the dinners as much as my husband and I did. It was great to finally have the kids eat the same as we did. No more kiddie themed meals.

A go-to cookbook!

A go-to cookbook!

One of my favorite recipes is the Everyday Rice. We never have any leftovers and the serving is for four adults. Another favorite side is the pan fried potatoes. They come out crunchy and buttery.
The one complaint I have read is that butter is used in the cooking. I think butter makes things better and really, not much is used.
I highly recommend the book if you want something different and delicious. I have honestly used this book at least four times a week for the past two months. Read more reviews at
Wini Maranville also has a website and blog! I just found it….yeah!


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