Dinner Tonight…

Was not the most creative. My husband worked tonight so it was just me and the kiddies. Earlier I blogged about a French cookbook I am gaga about. I also mentioned that there are no more kid themed dinners….well not quite 100% true. Tonight was BLT at the kitchen counter…with only half a tomato to use between the three of us. (well two of us…sorry son…didn’t think you would miss it) Kids enjoyed and I think this was the first time they had BLTs. (or a BL) I certainly enjoyed my sandwich and the clean up that followed. We had plenty of time to read and get ready for bed…ON TIME! So not so bad.
I do like to have something handy for those nights when it is just the three of us. Something other then chicken nuggets or pasta. I found a great recipe for mini homemade mac and cheese muffins which can be frozen. I made them once a few months ago and they were great to pop out and reheat for lunch or dinner. There is a great recipe on the Happy Home Fairy blog similar to the one that I had used. Will file this one away. I will have to make those again to have on hand. I think mac and cheese would go well with a BL.